These 10 Features Make a Home Unsellable

While it is true that a good real estate agent can sell almost anything, there are some home elements that will make your job particularly challenging. These 10 features can make a home unsellable and make you think twice.

1. Location, Location, Location

A bad location, such as next to an airport or train tracks, can make a home particularly difficult to sell. A great home located next to a “frat house” may not be worth the trouble to a buyer as well. The best remedy to a bad location is a lower price.

2. Overpriced

Sometimes, the seller wants more than what the house is worth, often due to sentimental attachments. Knowing it’s time to sell your home and actually doing what it takes to move on can be difficult for homeowners. A good realtor will help to set a realistic price based on a house’s actual value.

3. What’s That Smell?

If this is the first thing a buyer asks upon entering a home, there is a good chance the home is going to be hard to sell. Bad odors, particularly from cat urine or cigarette smoke, can be impossible to eliminate and are a huge turn off for potential buyers.

4. Inadequate Sunlight

A lack of natural light in a home is not ideal. Whether it be from small windows or outside obstructions, if your listing isn’t selling, it may be due to a lack of light.

5. Who Died?

People are superstitious, and regardless of the cause, if someone has died in a home, it is undesirable to prospective buyers and future tenants.

6. Bad “Bones”

Bad “bones” means the house has poor architecture, low ceilings, odd floor plans, and load-bearing walls in undesirable places. Things that can’t be changed or modified by the new owner may lead buyers to look elsewhere.

7. Plenty of Maintenance and Structural Repairs

A neglected home is a hard sell. Having to take on major repairs right away is not ideal for the average homebuyer.

8. Unsightly Appearance

Looks matter! Even if the house has great bones, it can be hard for potential buyers to see that through outdated decor or a cluttered, unstaged space.

9. Bad Sellers

Some sellers are more difficult than others, for a multitude of reasons. If they refuse to do their part to sell the home by cleaning up, vacating the home for showings, and so on, they can make the process nearly impossible.

10. Mold

A home with mold in the walls will be expensive to restore, and people with health issues and sensitivities may still be affected afterward. Make sure the homes you’re selling are mold-free to avoid this nightmare altogether.

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