Despite Helpful New Technology, Real Estate Agents Remain Important

Recently, property-searching apps like Zillow, Streeteasy, and Trulia have gained immense popularity. It is easy to see why, as they make it extremely convenient for homebuyers to search for listings and narrow down choices in specific areas. Homebuyers can do all of this on their own, without the need for a real estate agent. Though this technology has allowed buyers to conduct their initial property search, agents are still a necessary component for completing the transaction.


Transfer of Power

New technology has brought a lot of power to the homebuyer. When using these property search apps, they can search for homes using a variety of filters. This makes it easy for them to find a home that meets all of their search criteria, including specific amenities, rent, and location. Buyers can also set notifications for when a new listing becomes available. However, the power of the buyer ends once they complete the initial search and find a property that they like. This is when the real estate agent comes into play, as they have to be contacted to allow the interested buyer to see the property.


Buyers Still Need Assistance

The initial search that consumers are able to perform with these apps is only the beginning of the entire home-buying process. In the past, buyers didn’t have access to all of this data about the properties on their own. Now, they have access but need the assistance of a real estate agent to help them understand all of it. Agents still need to show the property to the buyers and explain the terms of the lease, the utilities included, and more. Buyers are definitely more informed about the housing market because of technology, but still need the expertise of agents.


Better Serving Clients

These new apps have not only made the homebuying process more efficient and less stressful for consumers, but have also provided agents with opportunities to better serve their clients. Agents can use this technology to serve multiple clients at once, since they no longer have to spend time helping consumers search for a property. They are involved for a shorter period of time, speeding up the transaction process. In addition, these apps provide a simple line of communication between the buyer and the agent. Buyers can connect with agents faster, and see properties that same day.


Some Things Technology Can’t Replace

Despite this convenient homebuying technology, real estate agents remain vital to the process. They offer expertise that cannot be replicated. When real estate agents combine their knowledge and assistance with this technology, it makes for the best experience for the consumer. Homebuyers will appreciate the work of agents to get them the best deal and ultimately the best home.


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